The following list largely includes links to online .pdfs or online vendors. You can also get to my academic publications through my google scholar profile or through research gate. In case you cannot access any of these texts, let me know and I’ll send you a .pdf.

Research Monographs

Van Oorschot, Irene. (2021) The Law Multiple: Judgment and Knowledge in Practice. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Special Issues

M’charek, A., Irene van Oorschot, R. Benschop, J. Harambam, eds. (2014/2015) Monsters in de Sociologie. Special Issue Sociologie on Actor Network Theory 10(3/4). (In Dutch)

Peer-reviewed Articles

Van Oorschot, I. and M’charek, A. (forthcoming) Keeping Race at Bay: Familial DNA Research, The ‘Turkish Community’, and the Pragmatics of Multiple Collectives in Investigative Practice. Biosocieties.

Wissink, L. and I van Oorschot. (2021) Affective Bureaucratic Relations: File Practices in a European Deportation Unit and Criminal Court. Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space, online first.

Van Oorschot, Irene. (2020) Culture, Milieu, Phenotype: Articulating Race in Judicial Practice. Social & legal Studies, online first.

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P. Mascini, Irene. van Oorschot, D. Weenink & G. Schippers (2016). Understanding Judges’ Choice of Sentence Type as Interpretative Work: An Explorative Study in a Dutch Police Court. Recht der Werkelijkheid – Cahiers d’Anthropologie du Droit, 37 (1), 32-49.

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Van Oorschot, Irene (2014). Het Dossier-in-Actie: Vouw- en Ontvouwpraktijken in Juridische Waarheidsvinding. [Case Files in Action: Folds and Folding Practice in Judicial Truth-Telling] Sociologie, 10 (3/4), 301-318.

Van Oorschot, Irene (2014). Seeing the Case Clearly: File-Work, Material Mediation and Visualizing Practice in a Dutch Criminal Court. Symbolic Interaction, 37 (4), 439-457.

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Chapters in edited volumes

Van Oorschot, Irene. and A. M’charek. (forthcoming) Un/Doing Race: On Technology, Individuals, and Collectives in Forensic Practice’. The Handbook for the Anthropology of Technology, eds. M. Hojer-Bruun and C. Hasse. London: Palgrave MacMillan

Hopman, R., Irene van Oorschot, and A. M’charek. (forthcoming) From Promise to Practice: Anticipatory Work and the Adoption of Massive Parallel Sequencing in Forensics. Techno-Legal Worlds, eds. V. Toom, M. Wienroth, and A. M’charek. London: Routledge.

Servant-Miklos, G. and Irene van Oorschot. (2020) Collaboration, Reflection, and Imagination: Rethinking Assessment in PBL Education for Sustainability. Educate for the Future: PBL, Sustainability, and Digitization. Aalborg: Aalborg University Press.

M’charek, A. and Irene van Oorschot. (2019) What About Race? ANT Companion Reader, eds. A. Blok, C. Roberts, I. Farias. London: Routledge.

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Van Oorschot, Irene, J. Harambam, L. Buijs & M. Siebel (2014) Een Interview met Latour: Modes of Existence, Diplomatie, en de Sociologie. [An Interview with Latour: Modes of Existence, Diplomacy, and Sociology] Sociologie, 10 (3/4), 370-374.

Articles in newspapers, periodicals, and literary journals

Van Oorschot, Irene. Woekerpraktijken en het Tekort van de Kritiek [Fugitive Practice and the Limitations of Social Critique]. Sociologie Magazine, August 2020.

Van Reekum, R., M. van den Berg, Irene van Oorschot, W. Schinkel, J. Bier, and S. Bracke. Without a Plan, no Serious Academic Teaching in September. Four Questions to University Boards in the Covid-19 Crisis. Science Guide, May 13, 2020 (online).

Schinkel, W., M. van den Berg, S. Bracke, Irene van Oorschot, and J. Bier. Academics are not a Vital Profession: For another University Approach to Covid-19. Science Guide March 20, 2020 (online).  

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