Fantastic News! #MSCActions Fellows

This morning I received word that the Marie Curie grant proposal I have been working on over the summer has been accepted! This means that I will be working at the Catholic University of Leuven, more specifically a the Life Sciences and Society Lab, expertly headed by Prof. I. van Hoyweghen. The project engages closely … Continue reading

The Invisibility of Case Files: On Documentary Doubling

Sociologies of judicial decision-making practices often concentrate on verbal interactions in Court. Dramatizing the encounter between impersonal, abstract ‘Law’ and the individual defendant, these settings have attracted significant sociological attention and wonder. But what about the pretrial work that takes place backstage? And what about the legal case file? Case files have not received a … Continue reading

Law, Time – and Folded Objects

Contemporary approaches in science and technology studies are increasingly pointing to the role of time and temporality in shaping scientific knowledge production. Can we draw on this same sensibility to make sense of legal practices of case-making? Within legal practices, time is of the essence. Procedure introduces the necessity to take stock of precise dates … Continue reading

Authentic apologies – or feeling bad you got caught?

For judges, the question whether a defendant demonstrates authentic remorse is of paramount importance. But how do they interpret and weigh these demonstrations of remorse? Remorse – a crucial emotion in Western understandings our obligations to others – is an essential ingredient of sentencing practices. Authentic remorse, to judges, is more than just an apology. … Continue reading

Decentering the Judge: On Clerks and Case Files

One of the most fascinating dimensions of researching legal practices – to me – is the way a close look at backstage proceedings reorients one’s attention to the social and material distribution of ‘judging’. The field of socio-legal studies, because of its close association with legal scholarship, tends to think of judging as an activity … Continue reading

The Law Multiple – Now Published

The Law Multiple – my monograph on social scientific and legal ways of case-making – has rjust been published! Having spent the majority of my last year teaching, I am glad to see it finally in print. It is published by Cambridge University Press, and will be available as a hard copy (both hard back … Continue reading


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