The Law Multiple – Coming Soon

The Law Multiple – my monograph on social scientific and legal ways of case-making – is scheduled to be published by Cambridge University press in November 2020 in its Cambridge Studies in Law and Society series. (EDIT Jan. 18 2021: The publication seems to have been pushed back to February 2021!)

Having spent the majority of my last year teaching, I am glad to see it finally in print. It is published by Cambridge University Press, and will be available as a hard copy (both hard back and paper back) and in digital form.

An ethnography of legal and social-scientific truth claims – how they are made, what human and non-human actors they mobilize and engage, and how they end up shaping our worlds – The Law Multiple represents an attempt to stay with the practical, occasionally messy, and never not concrete practice of judges and social scientists alike. Click here for a brief summary of the text and the praise it received. Or else, take a look at the publisher’s website!

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